Learn How To Create Your Online Campaign By Yourself

Learn what we do for FREE! Through this course, you'll learn MOST of our tricks and trade in launching a successful online campaign! 

  • Learn what is included in the LaunchPacket™.
  • Learn how to grow and use your funnel like a pro.
  • Learn how to use tools to have a successful campaign.

Follow the steps you see in this video and create an online campaign JUST LIKE THIS for yourself.

LaunchPacket™ is a PROVEN SYSTEM with the answers.

"Thanks but can't you just take care of this for me?"

Of course we can! That's exactly what LaunchPacket™is here to do. We want you to have a successful campaign regardless so combined with your own research and our courses providing tips and tools to use throughout your method, you WILL achieve what we can do for you. But if you'd rather perserve your time for bigger better things, let our trained professionals take care of everything for you. We will utilize the tools in the LaunchPacket™and follow our methodology that we've established over the years to make your online presense prominent. 

Our system is a science. Your art is what makes it unique. Together, we deliver an online product that your audience wants to buy and will do so while you speak, travel or sleep!

What is included in a LaunchPacket™ Freebie Course

A Squeeze Pagebrowser

Email Campaign

Survey Form

7 Videos

6 Videos

2 Videos

You are looking at a Squeeze Page. With it, you will receive numbers of customized follow up pages (i.e. thank you, subscription confirmation, etc.). The right Squeeze Page will play the key role in building your customer list.

You can't just have a pretty page and not have the right email campaign. Both your Squeeze Page and your email campaign will be tied in together to make sure that your product will reach the right market.

Mold your course according to what your customers want. Create a survey drip that reaches your users so that you can build your course based on their needs. This way your course is not only informative but also scalable. 

Online University

Video Setup

Social Media Marketing

4 Videos

6 Video

2 Videos

Once we help you with organizing your contents, we will guide you in the most seamless and cost effective way to create your video and audio courses. Let's use Knowledgelink (please write something better...)

Learn how to film yourself and where you can purchase reasonable tools to create the best environment for filming. Also learn how to stream your videos using best practices. Learn how to create a cover for your video.

We provide you with basic guidelines upon launch on social media marketing. We also provide a full video course upon signup or if you want something more extensive, we can customize a marketing campaign for you.

There are other add-on services that can be purchased a la carte. Send us an email and we'll be happy to provide you with the full list.

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